Services for SMEs

Free* Business Health Check

This takes about 2 hours, and is designed to give an indication of general performance, and to identify commercial risks, weaknesses and areas where support is needed. *within Shropshire. Travel charge applicable for other areas.

Business Peer Review

This leads on from the Health Check, and is a more in depth root-to-branch review of the business to highlight strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Depending on the size of the business, this can take between one and two days.

Compliance Risk Analysis

This uses bespoke software, exclusive to IBD members, to identify regulatory compliance weaknesses.

Business Planning

Most entrepreneurs have ambitions for their businesses, but often don't, or don't know how to, express them in a business plan.

A plan is essential for any business as it provides a focus for activity, sets targets to be achieved, and describes the strategy for achieving them.

R&D Tax Credits

Many businesses are unaware that they could be eligible for tax credits on R&D activities. Many accountants aren't fully aware of how to claim all that is possible. SBC has access to expertise inthis area that to date has claimed £88m, for 1,000 companies.

Start-up Business Loans

IBD are registered brokers for a Government Loan Scheme for sole traders and limited companies up to 2 years old. 


Tendering for Pubic Sector supply contracts is daunting, even for the experienced. Many small businesses are put off from doing so.

Ewan has many years experience in successfully tendering for such contracts with, for example, the NHS, Local Authorities and Housing Associations. Ewan will work with businesses to ensure the best chance of success.


Public grant funding exists for most businesses, in most areas. This can be Revenue funding, Capital, or both. Over his career, Ewan has accessed around £1m in total for his own businesses, and others.

Measurement and Monitoring

If you're not measuring your business, then you're not managing it. Real-time measurement is essential. It is simply not acceptable to wait until the monthly accounts have been done to find out how you have performed. Ewan has experience in designing and implementing systems to give real-time information on business performance. Be Pro-Active, not Reactive.

Marketing Strategy

Many small businesses take an ad-hoc, scatter gun approach to marketing, and as a result waste money for poor results.


Marketing is a key function of any business, and needs a strategic, well thought-out approach.


Being at the top of a staff structure, or working by one's self, is a lonely place to be, with no one to develop ideas with. Many of SBC's clients simply appreciate a second opinion, a sounding board, and sometimes, a shoulder to cry on.

The IBD Network.

Because of our membership of the IBD Network, we have access to any conceivable business skill and expertise. If SBC can't do it, then we know someone who can.

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