About Shrewsbury Business Consulting

SBC was formed in 2018 by Ewan Bent.

Ewan has a passion for small business and entrepreneurship - these are the lifeblood of the UK economy. Small businesses make up 99.3% of all companies in the UK.

Ewan also has a passion for environmental sustainability, and spent the first 20 of his career in the renewable energy sector. A major part of that was forming his own renewable fuels business in 2004, at a time when the sector was virtually unheard of. Between then and his successful exit in 2015, he grew the businesses to a turnover of £3.3m, in profit, and with a customer base of over 200, across all sectors - domestic, commercial and public sector.

He now uses this experience in business to help others. All of the business management skills he developed in his own trading company are transferable to any other SME, regardless of its product or service. The principles are the same.

Aside from general business management and growth, Ewan has particular expertise in:

  • Tendering for public sector contracts

  • Managing customer relationships

  • Accessing grants

  • Attracting private sector investment

  • Improving environmental performance

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"I commissioned Ewan for a two day business review. Ewan and I examined every aspect of the business, from admin systems, financial management and personnel, through stock control, production and cost analysis, to sales and marketing and future growth and development. I found it very beneficial to have a second pair of experienced eyes examine the business. We benchmarked my costs and found some areas of significant potential financial saving. 


I found Ewan to be very thorough, professional, very knowledgeable and easy to work with."


Julian Morgan-Jones, MD of South East Wood Fuels.


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